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Woman with light sensors on her arm and wrist to measure movement.

We inspire.

We like to explore the unknown and think outside the box while we address real challenges in society.

Two Family and Consumer Sciences majors using sewing machines at a Fix It Friday event.
Group of students working on a roof.

We empower.

We use our skills and knowledge to make our communities a better place.

We educate.

We're active learners who prefer doing over sitting.

Student working on wiring inside a computer.

Impressive work doesn't go unnoticed here.

We love to recognize the success of thought leaders in the field, including our own faculty, staff, and students.

Quote from an alum

Matt Johanson

By the time I got into the real world, I felt I was twice as prepared as my peers coming into the company for the first time because of the applied nature of the curriculum and the professors at ISU who had real life experiences.

Matt Johanson, Senior Vice President at Discover Financial Services

Difference makers: CAST alums who found niche at ISU are leaving their mark on the world
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