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Our campus partners provide a solid foundation for learning and research in the College.

Stronger Together

Here’s how CAST affiliates make a positive impact for students and the community.

  • Serve as an engaging learning lab where students make important contributions to the field

  • Connect the community and University through outreach programs

  • Provide real, professional experience for students

  • Develop leadership and other valuable employment skills

Get Involved

Take advantage of what our affiliates have to offer and start making your contributions to the field.

Child Care Center

The Child Care Center at Illinois State provides a nurturing and diverse learning environment for preschoolers.

Child Care Center faculty with preschoolers using markers.
Student sitting with preschooler playing with sandbox.
Adult and preschooler playing with blocks.
Two preschool children playing dress up.
Child Care Center faculty and preschooler using a mixing bowl.
Circus dancers in colorful costumes posed on stage.
Circus performer posed in front of lighted rings.
Two aerial performers on a trapeze.
Aerial performer balancing above the stage.
Elaborate stage scene with costumed aerial performers and dancers.

Gamma Phi Circus

The oldest collegiate circus in the United States, Gamma Phi delivers live performances with high-energy acts.

Horticulture Center

Learn from nature on 23 acres of gardens and restored prairie.

Silver gazing ball in Horticulture Center garden.
Summer view of Horticulture Center.
Horticulture Center staff holding a flat of plants.
Horticulture Center garden in full sun.
Family walking through gardens at Horticulture Center.
Red tractor at University Farm.
Green tractor near University Farm building.
Unplanted field at University Farm.
Farm equipment at University Farm.
Group of students and faculty working in a field.

University Farm

Illinois State’s University Farm is the hub of agriculture teaching, research, and outreach activities.