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Dr. Amy Bardwell

Associate Professor | Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics
Family and Consumer Sciences
Turner Hall - TUR 118C
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Current Courses

208.003Dynamics Of United States Contemporary Health Issues

499.022Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

400.022Independent Study

217.001Nutrition Through The Life Cycle

498.022Professional Practice: Family And Consumer Sciences

398.022Professional Practice: Food, Nutrition and Dietetics

319.001Quantity Foods

419.001Quantity Foods

214.001The Hospitality Industry

398.004Professional Practice: Food, Nutrition and Dietetics

Teaching Interests & Areas

Hospitality Management, Restaurant Management, Food and Beverage Management, Rural Tourism Development, Catering and Events, Food Production in Hospitality, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing, Service Quality in Hospitality, Food and Nutrition Management,

Research Interests & Areas

Consumer Behavior in Restaurants, Local Food Movement, Restaurant Development in Rural Areas, Small Scale Restaurant Development, Rural Tourism, Consumer Satisfaction in Hospitality and Tourism

Ph D Hotel and Restaurant Management

Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama

MS Food and Nutrition Services

University of Mississippi
University, MS

BS Family and Consumer Sciences

University of Mississippi
University, MS

Outstanding Health Equity Leader Award

Hunger & Health Conference

Redbirds RISE to the COVID Challenge

Illinois State University


Schumacher, J., Bardwell, A., & Biaetto, J. The Impact of Small Bowel Feeding Tube Placement Simulation on Perceived Self-Efficacy of Knowledge and Confidence for Dietetics Education. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 117.10 (2019): A133.

Journal Article

Martinez, C. R., Bardwell, A. M., Schumacher, J. R., & Barnes, J. L. (2022). Effects of nutrient claims on consumer purchasing of snacks in white-collar and blue-collar working environments. Journal of Global Hospitality and Tourism, 1(2), 159-174. doi:10.5038/2771-5957.1.2.1012
Iocca, A., Bardwell, A., Schumacher, J., & Barnes, J. Ice Cream Substitute for Patients with Kidney Failure. Journal of Renal Nutrition (2021)
Sather, S., Schumacher, J., Lanier, J., Fehrenbacher, J., & Bardwell, A. Effectiveness of summer mobile feeding units on increasing children’s access to food. Journal of Child Nutrition & Management 45.1 (2021): 11.
Schumacher, J., Bardwell, A., & Baietto, J. Assessing Dietetics Students' Change in Perceived Knowledge and Perceived Confidence in Feeding Tube Insertion using Patient Simulation. Journal of Food Science Education 19.3 (2020): 133-140.
Bardwell, A., Stephan, J., Rahman, I., & Reynolds, D. A Structural Model Evaluating the Relationships Among Dining Frequency, Involvement, and Restaurant Attributes. Journal of Foodservice Business Research 21.6 (2018): 642-658.


Kaesberg, Z., Schumacher, J., Bardwell, A., & Calvert, K. Effects of video technology on cooking self-efficacy of college students. Journal of American College Health (2021)


Food Insecurity in College Students: Access to Cookware and Education Matter. 2023 Annual ICHRIE Conference. (2023)

Heindl, Z., Bardwell, A., Schumacher, J., & Russell, L. (2023, Mar.). Evaluation of diet quality, alcohol intake, and physical activity in cancer survivors and the association with primary source of nutrition advice. Poster presented at the Illinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Spring Assembly, virtual conference.
Su-Russell, C., & Bardwell, A. (2023, Nov.). Promoting students’ learning environment beyond classroom setting. Lightening paper accepted for presentation at the 85th Annual Conference of the National Council on Family Relations, Orlando, FL
The Benefits of Buying Local (Food). Illinois Innovation Network Research Conference. Eastern Illinois University. (2020)
Artificial Intelligence: Can AI replace human interaction?. 2019 Central CHRIE Conference. IUPUI. (2019)
Assessing Dietetics Students' Self-Efficacy of Feeding Tube Insertion Using Patient Simulation. 2019 Teaching & Learning Symposium, Contemplative Teaching: Connecting Meaning, Purpose, and Values. Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. (2019)
The Impact of Small Bowel Feeding Tube Placement Simulation on Perceived Self-Efficacy of Knowledge and Confidence for Dietetics Education. 2019 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo. (2019)
The Rural Tourist Typology: Segmenting Rural Tourists Using Three-Step Latent Class Analysis. 2018 Annual ICHRIE Research Conference. (2018)
Rural Tourism in the Southeast: An Update on Research. 2017 Mississippi-Tennessee-Alabama Rural Tourism Conference. (2017)
Understanding Consumer's Experience when Traveling Internationally for Medical Procedures. 22nd Annual Graduate Student Conference in Hospitality and Tourism. (2017)

Grants & Contracts

FCS DEBI Book Club and Department Climate Assessment. College of Applied Schience and Technology. Illinois State University. (2021)
2019 Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Development Grant. Office of International Studies and Programs. Illinois State University. (2018)
New Faculty Startup Support. Illinois State University. Illinois State University. (2017)