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Dr. Abdelmounaam Rezgui

Associate Professor
School Information Technology
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Current Courses

379.001Advanced Computer Networks

276.001Data Communications

276.002Data Communications

444.001Data Analytics and Mining

276.003Data Communications

499.001Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

373.001Wide Area Network Infrastructures

Research Interests & Areas

Cloud computing
Big data
Social computing
Health informatics

Ph D Computer Science

Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA, USA

MS Computer Science

Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN, USA

Conference Proceeding

Alshammari, A., & Rezgui, A. Better Edges not Bigger Graphs: An Interaction-Driven Friending Algorithm for the Next-Generation Social Networks. 5th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence: Technologies and Applications (CloudTech) (2020)
Alshammari, M., & Rezgui, A. POX-PLUS: An SDN Controller with Dynamic Shortest Path Routing. IEEE Conference on Cloud Networking (CloudNet) (2020)
Brighen, A., Slimani, H., Rezgui, A., & Kheddouci, H. A Distributed Large Graph Coloring Algorithm on Giraph. 5th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence: Technologies and Applications (CloudTech) (2020)
Alghatani, K., & Rezgui, A. A Cloud-based Intelligent Remote Patient Monitoring Architecture. International Conference on Health Informatics & Medical Systems (HIMS) (2019)
Mirzaeinia, A., Rezgui, A., Malilk, Z., & Mirzaeinia, M. Min-Edge P-cycles: An Ecient Approach for Computing P-cycles in Optical Data Center Networks. International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD)/Springer (2019)

Journal Article

Alghatani, K., Ammar, N., Rezgui, A., & Shaban-Nejad, A. Precision Clinical Medicine through Machine Learning: Using High and Low Quantile Ranges of Vital Signs for Risk Stratification of ICU Patients. IEEE Access/IEEE 10 (2022)
Lebal, A., Moussaoui, A., & Rezgui, A. Epilepsy-Net: attention-based 1D-inception network model for epilepsy detection using one-channel and multi-channel EEG signals. Multimedia Tools and Applications/Springer (2022): 1-23.
Mahmoudi, Y., Zioui, N., Belbachir, H., Tadjine, M., & Rezgui, A. A Brief Review on Mathematical Tools Applicable to Quantum Computing for Modelling and Optimization Problems in Engineering. Emerging Science Journal/Ital Publication 7.1 (2022): 289-312.
Z. Malik, E. Najmi, K. Hashmi, M. Mustafa Rafique, and A. Rezgui. Product Weighted Taxonomy Extraction using Twitter. International Journal of Business Information Systems (IJBIS), to appear 2021.
Alghatani, K., Ammar , N., Rezgui, A., & Shaban-Nejad, A. Predicting Intensive Care Unit Length of Stay and Mortality Using Patient Vital Signs: Machine Learning Model Development and Validation.. JMIR medical informatics 9.5 (2021): e21347.

Technical Report

Rezgui, A. An SDN Testbed for ML Experimental Research in Chap.4: Potential Midscale Experimental Research Infrastructures. MERIF Workshop Report to NSF on Future Midscale Experimental Research Infrastructures (2020)


Cloud-based Intelligent Remote Patient Monitoring. CloudTech 2020 : The 5th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence: Technologies and Applications. (2020)
Towards Midscale Experimental Research Infrastructures that Support Intelligent, Self-configurable, Software-Defined Networks,. NSF Future Experimental Research Infrastructures Workshop. (2020)

Grants & Contracts

Cost-effective Road Maintenance through ML and Optimization Method. SIT. Illinois State University. (2022)
Cloud-based Health Monitoring through Personalized Machine Learning. CAST. Illinois State University. (2021)
Scaling the Internet to the Things: Combining Named Data Networking and Software-Defined Networking to Support the Next 50 Billon IoT Devices. School of Information Technology. Illinois State University. (2021)