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Dr. Cara Rabe-Hemp

Associate Dean and Professor
Dean of Applied Sci & Tech
Turner Hall - TUR 103
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Cara Rabe-Hemp is the Associate Dean in the College of Applied Sciences and Technology. She provides fiscal management for College and oversees facility renovations and enhancement, student enrollment, and faculty searches. Directs curriculum development and implementation and serves as liaison to the University Curriculum Committee, Council for Teacher Education, and Graduate Curriculum Committee. Facilitates external accreditations, program reviews, and international programs of study for College undergraduate and graduate majors. Provides research support for CAST faculty and students and assists in securing federal, state, local, and private grants. Oversees College Mentor Program and develops strategies to recruit and retain faculty. Coordinates graduate assistantship funds and serves as liaison with Research and Sponsored Programs and the Graduate School.

Teaching Interests & Areas

Prof Rabe-Hemp's teaching interests include: policing, gender, and autonomous learning and student engagement in the online classroom

Research Interests & Areas

Prof Rabe-Hemp's research interests include: gender and policing, small and rural policing, citizen perceptions of the police, police deviance.

Ph D Criminal Justice

University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL

MS Criminal Justice Sciences

Illinois State University
Normal, IL

BS Psychology

Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL

DWC Distinguished Scholar Award

American Society of Criminology Division on Women and Crime

Academy of Achievement

College of Applied Sciences

Leadership Initiative Nominee

Illinois State University

Breaking Barriers Diversity Advocacy Award


Research Initiative Award

Illinois State University

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

University of Illinois at Chicago

Book Review

Rabe-Hemp, C., & Navarro, J. A History of Police and Masculinities: A Review. Policing and Society (2016)

Book, Authored

Rabe-Hemp, C. Thriving in an All Boys Club: Female Police and Their Fight for Equality (2018)
Lind, N., & Rabe-Hemp, C. Corruption, Discretion and Accountability.. Emerald Publishing Group (2017)

Book, Chapter

Rabe-Hemp, C., & Schuck, A. Intergroup Biases: Policing and Gender. HOWARD GILES; EDWARD R. MAGUIRE AND SHAWN L. HILL (EDs), Handbook of Policing, Communication, and Society. Roman & Littlefield (2021)
Rabe-, C., Mulvey, P., & Foster, M. Crime, Injustice & Politics. Corruption, Accountability & Politics. Emerald Publishing (2017)
Rabe-Hemp, C., & Navarro, J. Experimental Design in the Study of Crime, Media, and Popular Culture.. The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice (2016): 1-26.
Navarro, J., & Rabe-Hemp, C. Identity Theft. Nancy Lind (EDs), Privacy in the Digital Age: 21st-Century Challenges to the Fourth Amendment. ABC-CLIO (2015): 519-542.
Rabe-Hemp, C. Airport Scanners and the Fourth Amendment. Privacy in the Digital Age: 21st-Century Challenges to the Fourth Amendment. ABC-CLIO (2015): 377-398.

Book, Edited

Rabe-Hemp, C., & Garcia, V. Women Policing Across the Globe. Roman & Littlefield (2020)


Dodge, C., & Rabe-Hemp, C. Legal Challanges to IT in Public Administration. Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance. (2016)
Rabe-Hemp, C., Navarro, J., & Comens, C. Corruption: Opposing Sides. Today's Economic Issues: Democrats versus Republicans (2016)
Rabe-Hemp, C., & Park, J. Income Inequlity: Opposing Sides. Today's Economic Issues: Democrats versus Republicans (2016)
Rabe-Hemp, C. Matrons and Police Women. The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Wiley-Blackwell (2014)
Rabe-Hemp, C. Terrorism (Domestic). The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Wiley-Blackwell (2014)

Journal Article

Mulvey, P., Tersptra, B., Rabe-Hemp, C., & McDermott, C. Mothering through mental illness: Exploring the experiences of motherhood for criminally involved women on mental health probation. Crime & Delinquency (2021)
Rossler, M., Rabe-Hemp, C., Peuterbaugh, M., & Scheer, C. The influence of gender on perceptions of barriers to a police patrol career. Police Quarterly 23.3 (2020): 368-395.
Schuck, A., & Rabe-Hemp, C. Inequalities Regimes in Policing: Examining the Connection between Social Exclusion and Order Maintenance Strategies.. Journal of Race and Justice (2018)
Schuck, A., & Rabe-Hemp, C. Investing in People: Salary and Turnover in Policing.. Policing 41.1 (2018): 113-128.
Schuck, A., & Rabe-Hemp, C. Citizen Complaints and gender Diversity in Police Organizations. Policing and Society 6 (2016): 859-874.


Rabe-Hemp, C. Does Gender Matter? The effect of gender in police-citizen interactions. VDM Publishing (2009)


Beichner, D., Rabe-Hemp, C. & Kim, M. (2022). “U.S. Women in Justice Professions: A Half a Century After Title VII.” Parallel event presented in conjunction with the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, March 2022. Virtual format.
The Influence of Gender on Perceptions of Barriers to a Police Patrol Career. Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Conference. MCJA. (2019)
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The Mommy Track in Policing.. Women in Criminal Justice Conference.. Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Executive Institute. (2016)
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Work Life Balance. FCS Roundtable. (2016)
The Concentration Effect of Registered Sex Offenders on Home Sale Prices: A Case Study of McLean County, Illinois.. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. (2015)
The Defective Children of the Colony.. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. (2015)

Grants & Contracts

Assessing Autonomous Learning. Center for Teaching and Learning. Illinois State University.
Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology. Illinois State Univeristy. Illinois State University.
IDEA Homeland Security Grant. Other.
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Illinois State University.
University Research Grant. Illinois State Univeristy. Illinois State University.