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Scott Overmyer

Instructional Assistant Professor
School Information Technology
Old Union - OU OU Old Union 302C
Office Hours
M-W 2-3 PM (OU 302C)
F 2-4 PM (MS Teams or Zoom)
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I started my career with TRW developing large-scale command and control systems for the Air Force and other agencies. After about 10 years in industry, I obtained a PhD and entered academe, where I have been ever since (about 30 years).

Current Courses

372.001External Data Structures

262.001Information Technology Project Management

168.001Structured Problem Solving Using The Computer

168.004Structured Problem Solving Using The Computer

272.001Cobol As A Second Language

287.002Independent Study

262.001Information Technology Project Management

275.001Java As A Second Language

168.025Structured Problem Solving Using The Computer

168.028Structured Problem Solving Using The Computer

Teaching Interests & Areas

Languages, Software Engineering, Databases, Cloud (AWS mostly)

Research Interests & Areas

Pathfinding algorithms for student career planning. 2.5D virtual worlds for teaching early lifecycle activities.

PhD Information Technology

George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia

NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship