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Dr. Traci Carte

Director, School of IT
School Information Technology
Old Union - OU 202F
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Dr. Carte is an award winning teacher and researcher with expertise in computer-mediated communication and years of professional and teaching experience in data management.

Teaching Interests & Areas

Data Management, Business Process Integration, ERP

Research Interests & Areas

Computer-mediated communication, Quantitative Methods


University of Georgia
Athens, GA USA


Wright State University
Dayton, OH

MBA Decision Technologies

University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Reviewer of the Year

Journal of the AIS

Best Paper

MIS Quarterly

Book, Chapter

Carte, T., & King, H. Managing in the Time of Virtualness. Leadership in the digital enterprise: Issues and challenges. IGI Global (2010): 62--75.

Conference Proceeding

Wang, N., & Carte, T. Task-Technology Fit and Culture: Perceptions of and Media Feature Preferences for The Task of Delivering Bad Nwes. Proceedings of The Sixteenth International Conference on Electronic Business ICEB 2016 (2016): 583.
Wang, N., & Carte, T. Technology Affordances and Emotion Regulation Strategies: A Qualitative Study. Academy of Management Proceedings 2014.1 (2014): 17174.
Carte, T., Wang, N., Yetgin, E., & Kim, I. Conflict asymmetry in CMC and F2F teams: A longitudinal, multilevel study. Academy of Management Proceedings 2012.1 (2012): 12058.
Carte, T., Schwarzkopf, A., & Wang, N. Emergent leadership, Gender, and Culture: The Case of Sri Lanka.. AMCIS (2010): 480.
Carte, T., Wang, N., & Schwarzkopf, A. The Impactoftechnologyon Emergent Leadershipbehaviorsand Perceptions in SRI Lanka.. ICIS (2010): 196.

Journal Article

Philip, S., Lu, T., & Carte, T. There's No Place Like Home: Understanding Users' Intentions Toward Securing Internet-of-Things (IoT) Smart Home Networks. Elsevier Computers in Human Behavior Volume 139.0747-5632 (2023)
Wang, N., & Carte, T. Face Challenging Perception and Media Feature Preference for The Task of Delivering Bad News: A Cross-Cultural Comparison. Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems 10.2 (2018)
Williams, J., Torres, H., & Carte, T. A review of the IS strategic alignment literature: A replication study (2018)
Urquhart, C., Carte, T., & Heinzl, A. Time for some changes to ICIS? Reflections on our highest-quality conference. Communications of the Association for Information Systems 41 (2017): 179--197.
Carte, T., & Becker, A. Emergent Leadership in Self-managed Virtual Teams: A Replication (2016)


Carte, T., Wang, N., Becker, A., & Schwarzkopf, A. Breaking Out: The Importance of Collaborative Technology in Shaping Emergent Leadership Behaviors. FALL14-06, October (2014)
Carte, T. The Impact of" publicness" on Executive Information Systems Development. University of Georgia (1999)