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Dr. Yongning Tang

Professor of Computer Networking
School Information Technology
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Current Courses

499.002Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

377.003Practical Telecommunication Networking

498.001Professional Practice: Information Technology

170.002Scripting Languages and Automation

276.001Data Communications

499.001Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

498.001Professional Practice: Information Technology

Teaching Interests & Areas

Computer Networking; Cybersecurity; Machine Learning; Programming

Research Interests & Areas

Network Security; Data Privacy; IoT; Blockchain; Artificial Intelligence; Adaptive Learning

Ph D Computer Science

DePaul University
Chicago, IL

National Intelligent Water Systems Challenge Award

Second Place. Water Environment Federation (WEF) and The Water Research Foundation (WRF)

Best Paper Award

"Prioritized Adaptive Max-Min Fair Residual Bandwidth Allocation for Software-Defined Data Center Networks" IARIA: International Academy, Research, and Industry Association

Best Paper Award

"Yet Another Bounded Broadcasting for Random Key Predistribution Schemes in Wireless Sensor Networks" IARIA: International Academy, Research, and Industry Association

Book, Authored

Tang, Y. Uncertainty Reasoning in Network Fault Diagnosis. VDM-Verlag (2009)

Conference Proceeding

Fuhr, ., Hanna, I., Wang, F., & Tang, Y. The Diminished Importance of Connection-based Features in Intrusion Detection. IEEE International Performance, Computing, and Communications Conference (2021)
Wang, F., Tang, Y., Gao, L., & Cheng, G. BC-Sketch: A Simple Reversible Sketch for Detecting Network Anomalies. IEEE International Conference on Smart Data Services (SMDS 2020) (2020)
Tang, Y., Wu, Y., Cheng, G., & Xu, Z. Intelligence Enabled SDN Fault Localization via Programmable In-band Network Telemetry. IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing (2019)
Pan, W., Cheng, G., & Tang, Y. WENC: HTTPS Encrypted Traffic Classification Using Weighted Ensemble Learning and Markov Chain. 16th IEEE International Conference On Trust, Security And Privacy In Computing And Communications (2017)
Tang, G. eOpenFlow: Software Defined Sampling via a Highly Adoptable OpenFlow Extension. 2017 IEEE International Conference on Communications (2017)

Journal Article

Wang, F., Tang, Y., & Fang, H. Mitigating IoT Privacy-Revealing Features by Time Series Data Transformation. Journal of Cybersecurity and Privacy 3.2 (2023): 209-226.
Zhao, Y., Cheng, G., & Tang, Y. SINT: Towards a Blockchain-based Secure In-band Network Telemetry Architecture (2023)
Fuhr , J., Wang, F., & Tang, Y. MoCA: A Network Intrusion Monitoring and Classification System. Journal of Cybersecurity and Privacy (2022)
Wang, F., Babulak, E., & Tang, Y. On Detecting and Identifying Faulty IoT Devices and Outages. Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics 9 (2021)
Yang, F., Pluth, T., Xing, X., Francq, K., Jurjovec, M., & Tang, Y. Advanced machine learning application for odor and corrosion control at a water resource recovery facility. Water Environment Research, Wiley Journal (2021)


BC-Sketch: A Sketch for Detecting Network Flow Anomalies. IEEE International Conference on Smart Data Services (SMDS 2020).. IEEE. (2020)
IWS and Machine Learning. IWEA LIFT Virtual Innovative Technologies Webinar. Illinois Water Environment Association. (2020)
IWS and Machine Learning. WEF LIFT IWS Challenge Webinar. Water Environment Foundation. (2020)
Develop Advanced Models to Predict and Optimize Chemical Dosage for Odor and Corrosion Control. the WEFTEC 2019 Intelligent Water Systems Challenge. (2019)
Identifying Symptom-Fault Causality in SDN. College of Computer Engineering, Southeast University. (2015)
Network Verification & Fault Diagnosis in SDN. University of Science and Technology of China. (2015)
Tackling Network Resource Management in SDN (2013)
Towards A Theoretically Bounded Path Key Establishment Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks. Proceeding of the Eleventh International Conference on Networks. IARIA.

Grants & Contracts

CC*: Fostering Data Driven STEM Research and Education Through Cyberinfrastructure at Illinois State University. National Science Foundation (NSF). Federal. (2022)
Interpreting Transfer Learning in Network Traffic Prediction. IT Research Grant. Illinois State University. (2022)
Curriculum-aware Learning Recommender System for Higher Education.. Multidisciplinary Research Grant. Illinois State University. (2016)
"Reasoning under Uncertainty for Internet Fault Diagnosis". University Research Grant. Illinois State University. (2008)