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Faculty and Staff A-Z

Anjie Almeda portrait

Ms. Anjie Almeda

Coordinator of Undergraduate Services

(309) 438-5353

Marcus Alouan portrait

Marcus Alouan

Executive Director Gamma Phi Circus

(309) 438-2690

Sally Arnett-Hartwick portrait

Dr. Sally Arnett-Hartwick

Professor | Program Coordinator, FCS Teacher Education

(309) 438-5435

Reem Bagais portrait

Reem Bagais

Assistant Professor of Interior Design

(309) 438-2517

Jennifer Banning portrait

Dr. Jennifer Banning

Professor of Fashion Design & Merchandising

(309) 438-5960

Amy Bardwell portrait

Dr. Amy Bardwell

Associate Professor | Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics

(309) 438-5664

Jennifer Barnes portrait

Dr. Jennifer Barnes

Associate Professor of Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics | Graduate Coordinator

(309) 438-3558

Dewhitt Bingham portrait

Dewhitt Bingham

Clinical Assistant Professor/Internship Coordinator

(309) 438-4686

Jim Broadbear portrait

Dr. Jim Broadbear

Professor of Health Promotion & Education

(309) 438-8807

Adam Burke portrait

Adam Burke

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-7708

Keri Edwards portrait

Dr. Keri Edwards

Instructional Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Science/Child Life Graduate Program Coordinator

(309) 438-2648

Kori Gettel portrait

Kori Gettel

Head Teacher, ISU Child Care Center

Tammy Harpel portrait

Dr. Tammy Harpel

Professor of Human Development and Family Science

(309) 438-2680

Guang Jin portrait

Dr. Guang Jin

Professor of Environmental Health

(309) 438-2668

Emily Jones portrait

Dr. Emily Jones

Physical Education Teacher Education Program Director

(309) 438-8302

David Kopsell portrait

Dr. David Kopsell

Professor of Horticulture; Fellow - American Society for Horticultural Science

(309) 438-3275

Drew Lugar portrait

Dr. Drew Lugar

Assistant Professor of Animal Science

(309) 438-3881

Yoon Ma portrait

Dr. Yoon Ma

Professor of Fashion Design and Merchandising

(309) 438-7935

Tracy Mainieri portrait

Dr. Tracy Mainieri

Recreation and Park Administration Program Director

(309) 438-2337

Bert Marckwardt portrait

Bert Marckwardt

Instructional Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Merchandising

(309) 438-5603

Lucas Maxwell portrait

Dr. Lucas Maxwell

Associate Professor of Agricultural Education, Communication, and Leadership

(309) 438-5654

Chad McEvoy portrait

Chad McEvoy

Dean, College of Applied Science and Technology

(309) 438-7602

Anne McGee portrait

Anne McGee

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-8868

Jeff Nix portrait

Jeff Nix

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-8396

Jennifer Peterson portrait

Dr. Jennifer Peterson

Associate Professor, Health Informatics and Management

(309) 438-7236

Marla Reese-Weber portrait

Dr. Marla Reese-Weber

Department Chair of Family and Consumer Sciences

(309) 438-2521

Micheal Rowley portrait

Dr. Micheal Rowley

Assistant Professor of FCS Teacher Education

(309) 438-3256

Luke Russell portrait

Dr. Luke Russell

Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Science

(309) 438-6021

Julie Schumacher portrait

Dr. Julie Schumacher

Professor of Food, Nutrition & Dietetics | Dietetic Internship Director

(309) 438-7031

Nina Sittler portrait

Nina Sittler

Instructional Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Science/ Child Life

(309) 438-1027

Chandra Smith portrait

Ms Chandra Smith

Director of Information Technology - CAST IT

(309) 438-2104

Jay Solomonson portrait

Dr. Jay Solomonson

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Education

(309) 438-8084

Christina Soyoung Song portrait

Dr. Christina Soyoung Song

Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising I Fashion Design and Merchandising (FDM)

(309) 438-5427

Erol Sozen portrait

Dr. Erol Sozen

Assistant Professor of Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics

(309) 438-5802

Aslihan Spaulding portrait

Dr. Aslihan Spaulding

Interim Chair - Professor of Agribusiness & Food Industry Management

(309) 438-8091

Kathryn Stalter portrait

Kathryn Stalter

Instructional Assistant Professor of Interior Design

(309) 438-8850

Ivan Stoinev portrait

Ivan Stoinev

Assistant Director Gamma Phi Circus

Chang Su-Russell portrait

Dr. Chang Su-Russell

Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Science

(309) 438-5482

Brent Teasdale portrait

Dr. Brent Teasdale

University Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator

(309) 438-7617

Jazmyn Thomas portrait

Jazmyn Thomas

Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies & Student Services

(309) 438-7765

John Torres portrait

Captain John Torres

Assistant Professor of Military Science

(309) 438-5408

Cheri Wolf portrait

Cheri Wolf

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-2098

LC Yang portrait

Dr. LC Yang

Associate Professor of Environmental Health and Sustainability

(309) 438-7133

Ui-Jeen Yu portrait

Dr. Ui-Jeen Yu

Professor of Fashion Design and Merchandising

(309) 438-4680

Dmitry Zhdanov portrait

Dr. Dmitry Zhdanov

State Farm Endowed Chair in Cybersecurity

(309) 438-8338